The eight largest servicers: Here’s what happened to applicants, as of December 2010:
No mod Waiting Got a mod
Denied Trial cancelled Currently in a trial mod Non-HAMP mod HAMP mod
American Home Mortgage Servicing 23% 2% 11% 37% 28%
Bank of America 29% 24% 8% 20% 19%
CitiMortgage 36% 18% 3% 24% 19%
GMAC Mortgage 53% 4% 2% 21% 19%
JPMorgan Chase subsidiaries 44% 9% 4% 29% 14%
Litton Loan Servicing 43% 10% 2% 33% 12%
OneWest 47% 10% 4% 17% 22%
Wells Fargo 31% 15% 5% 30% 20%

(Source: Treasury Department and

Who services your loan appears to have a big impact on whether you can get a loan modification or not.  The table above shows the chances of getting a loan modfication based on the records of the 8 largest loan servicers at the end of 2010. has taken a pretty exhaustive look at all the aspects of mortgage modification.

A homeowner’s chance of getting a modification depends a lot on which company services the loan. In an analysis by Moody’s, Bank of America fared worst of all, providing less than half as many modifications as Ocwen, which specializes in servicing troubled loans…..
…..As you can see, the vast majority of subprime delinquencies at Bank of America, the nation’s largest servicer, haven’t been resolved either way. About 41 percent of Bank of America’s loans in this analysis hadn’t even begun the foreclosure process, despite an average delinquency of 13 months. Another 27 percent of homeowners were in foreclosure but hadn’t yet lost their homes-the average delinquency there is two years.  –

If you’re interested in how loan modifications are working, click the link and look through what they have compiled.


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